Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Charterhouse School

Our campus, Charterhouse School, is located just over 30 miles south-west of London in the beautiful English countryside. During the three weeks ISCA takes over part of this prestigious boarding school, allowing us access to amazing facilities. The school itself is steeped in British culture and history.

Any Soccer/Football fans?

This school is recognised as the birthplace of world soccer, with the rules for Association Football having been written by the school, and the school winning the FA Cup during the founding years. Additionally the founder of the Scout movement, Robert-Baden Powell, attended the school. The 400 acre campus is secure on all sides, and provides the ideal backdrop to our travel programme.

At the end of each day students will be able to play a huge range of sports and activities on campus, and every third day we will spend the whole day on campus.

Charterhouse Campus Map