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Welcome to ISCA

Every year, the Independent Schools Cultural Alliance, ISCA, welcomes select school groups from all over the globe to the United Kingdom for one of our three programmes. These programmes are designed specifically for Middle School students. During their time with us, each student will learn about British history and culture by visiting the very best sights in southern England. We have chosen these sights with Middle Schoolers in mind: they are immersive experiences which capitalise on a Middle Schooler’s natural sense of curiosity.

The ISCA experience is just as much about building global connections, embracing global cultures, and becoming global citizens. Our campus environment is intentionally designed to encourage students to learn about the cultures of their contemporaries by forming lasting friendships.

Middle School students have an amazing sense of curiosity and wonder, an openness to learn about the world, others, and themselves and the ISCA experience empowers them to do just that.

ISCA offers three programmes. The three-week flagship summer travel programme for Middle School students, customised trips for individual schools and our new ISCA Scotland Hogmanay programme. With 38 years’ experience in providing unique and exhilarating programmes ISCA has built up an enviable reputation for excellence, of which we are very proud.

The whole ISCA team would be delighted to welcome your school or your child onto one of our global programmes. We invite you to explore our website to find out what makes ISCA such a unique experience for Middle School students.

The ISCA Summer Programme

  • Understand British History & Culture: During the programme, students will take a journey through British history, developing an understanding of key historic events by exploring over 30 of the most significant landmark sites in the country.
  • Become Global Citizens: ISCA welcomes English-speaking schools from all over the world, creating a truly immersive global experience and allowing students to share their own cultures and form new global friendships.
  • Independence: A central ethos of our programme is student-led learning. This gives them agency over their learning and allows them to focus on their own specific interests. In addition, the activity book ensures each visit has a learning objective, encouraging the students to exercise independence and collaboration with peers in order to discover the answers.
  • 1 teacher: 4 students: Teachers are always present, giving the students the security of knowing they are in a safe environment.
  • Explore the Full Itinerary
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