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An ISCA Olympics

Let the games begin!

ISCA 2016 Olympic Opening Ceremony happened earlier this morning. With the students in their countries they were ready to compete for the gold. The students competed in eight different events: 100 meter dash, standing long jump, rugby throw, football dribbling, putting, cricket bowling, hockey dribbling, and the famous ISCA skills race.

Each country was split into twelve groups. These groups went around to all eight events and competed for the gold. With many different skill levels in each group, students were able to find their forte and bring home a medal. There is no prediction on what country will pull out on top.

After lunch we met back down at the track for the afternoon session of the ISCA Olympics. After completing all the events we raced in a country vs. staff flag run. With mixed results and the kids proving they are much faster the most of the staff, the students pulled out two wins out of three.

After the Olympics were complete, we continued our competitive streak and the staff took on the students in soccer for our last Staff vs. Student match. With the large amount of participation on the student side we played three matches of 30 minutes. The staff managed to pull out all three games with the third gaming ending in penalty kicks!

Great effort from all the students today. Sad to say this was our last on campus day. Tonight the students with gather on the Brooke Hall lawn for our farewell barbecue and dance. Let’s get our dancing shoes on.

Tomorrow we are off to Runnymede and Windsor for our last off campus tour. Tune in for more information on tomorrow!