Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Another on campus day

Today students and staff enjoyed a busy day on campus. We were lucky enough to experience another beautiful day filled with sunshine. Since this is now our fifth on campus day, the students were able to choose which sport they wanted to participate in during each of the three sessions. They were able to take part activities such as cricket, volleyball, tennis, soccer, squash, fives, frisbee, art, and drama.

After a great three sessions students were able to refuel at the tuck shop on campus where they are able to buy classic British sweets. Along with purchasing some tasty snacks, students were able to visit the Charterhouse shop allowing them to get some authentic school gear. The shop has great items to offer such as hats, shorts, sports jerseys, and sweatshirts.

Last but not least, everyone gathered in the lecture hall after dinner to take part in the annual Milky Way Quiz, which challenged students to think back to all of the places we have visited in the past two and a half weeks. The ISCA staff asked three questions about each of the landmarks we have seen so far. Each student who gave a correct answer received a MilkyWay candy. We were very impressed with all of the students’ knowledge! Tomorrow we look forward to visiting Blenheim Palace and Oxford!