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Day 10 – On Campus Sports Day – Charterhouse

Day 10 – On campus sports day – Charterhouse

The rain did not stop us from having a blast today here at ISCA!  This on-campus day parted ways with the usual cricket and rugby games and made way for some obscure sports that the students could choose from.  Dance, drawing, and even capture the flag were amongst the activities available this morning.  Students enjoyed getting to try their hand at different sports and maybe pick up a few new skills along the way.

This afternoon, the whole campus participated in the Charterhouse Challenge.  It involves a campus-wide scavenger hunt complete with clues scattered in every available nook and cranny.  Students went out in pairs to locate the clues, record the symbol on it, and find Victoria Johnson, our on campus director, for the symbol’s translation.  The students enjoyed running all over campus and getting to know other students outside of their usual sports groups.

Even when all of the clues had been located, the challenge was yet to be finished!  They worked together as teams to develop a drama performance incorporating all of the clues they had gathered in the scavenger hunt.  Just to name a few… crimson squirrel, snapchat, and Queen Victoria were among the word bank to be used in their skits.  I was shocked by the creativity!  Performances were put on showing everything from fairytales and classroom scenes to even our own ISCA’s Got Talent!  Everyone was very entertained by the hilarious performances as laughs resonated throughout the performance hall.

However, the day was still far from over!!  The weather cleared up in time for the Barbecue to be hosted outside on the old Charterhouse campus.  Burgers and hot dogs, and of course ice cream were enjoyed in the outdoor cloister, allowing a nice chance for socializing.  After dinner, the disco began!  The beloved DJ of ISCA camps returned once again to ensure a fantastic disco that was enjoyed by students and staff alike.  Students were given a chance to request songs, giving everyone a chance to listen to music from all over the world!

Overall, today was a busy, but fantastic day!