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Day 10 – Our 3rd On-Campus Day

Day 10 – Our 3rd On-Campus Day – Wellington

Another brilliantly fantastic day on campus. The activities on our third on-campus day included squash, table tennis, hockey and art. Once again these British games were new to some of the students which was exciting as it enabled them to try something different and have “lots of FUN”!!! The day ended with some interactive workshops on the history of Stonehenge and Bath.

Just a few quotes to round off the day from our amazingly brilliant students…..

“I found the squash quite hard but it was really fun playing and socialising with students from different schools”“Arts class was inspiring”

“All the activities were exciting because I learnt a new skill and played with new exciting people”

“Hockey had just enough difficulty to avoid collapsing wildly”

“It was pretty lit”

“Dinner was really nice and it was even better because I was hungry”

“Squash was my favourite part of the day as it can be fun to hit something really hard! It gets all the stress out!”

“I like squash, it was cool because I have never played it before”

“Squash was good because the racket was awesome”

“Hockey was great because I got to defend the goal with my friend Nicholas”

“I was terrible at squash but it was really fun”