Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day 11 – Tower of London & London Eye

During this day we had great weather, we visited the Tower of London in the morning, where we saw the White Tower, the Ravens where we learnt the legend of the Ravens that was interesting to see wether they would fly away! We visited where Ann Boleyn was executed for treason in Henry VIII reign. Last but not least, the amazing Crown Jewels which were updated with the recent coronation jewels!

Soon after that, we went on a boat along the river Thames, where the tour guide pointed out the key monuments and landmarks that sit along London’s notorious river… they even turned the boat to the side so we could see the whole length of the tower bridge! Our last stop was the London Eye, where we walked past the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben to get to there. As we boarded each pod our ISCA members reminded us that each pod represented a different borough in London, so we looked out for the different names on the pods! Once making it to the top we took lots of photos and appreciated the views from London from such a high viewpoint. Next stop was Cranleigh to enjoy some afternoon activities!