Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day 14 – London Walks and Hampton Court Palace

Today, we had one of the most exhausting days, walking by the city of London. Arriving to London,
we went walking from where the coaches stopped to the Buckingham Palace were we saw the
Victoria Memorial and the change of guards that were in giant horses. After that we walked through
the St. James Park and had lunch; some people went to the café and had delicious ice creams. After
having lunch, we went to St. James Palace. After observing the great palace, we walked directly to
Trafalgar Square, where we saw four statues of lions, and in the middle of them a statue of 52
meters tall, with Nelson at the top. After taking pictures, we walked to the Horse Guards, where we
saw elegant guards in elegant horses. After that, we went to 10 Downing Street; the prime minister’s
house. Finally, we went to the Parliament Square, where we saw the Big Ben in construction and the
statues of recognized individuals that fought for human rights along time, like, Mahatma Gandhi,
Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Churchill and Lloyd George. After London Walks, we went to the
coaches to depart for Hampton Palace.

Rodrigo (CPB) Julia (OLM) Siena (HRA) Bautista (SGQ) Aaron (Woodward) Joaquin (SGL)

Today we went to Hampton Court Palace. We were able to walk around the palace freely where
Henry the 8 th used to live. We visited different parts of the palace, including his room, the worship
places, the kitchen and the dining room. The gardens and maze were the most interesting parts of
the trip. The several gardens were gorgeous, they made the palace more special. Finally, we entered
to the maze, and gladly we were able to get out!

Once we came home from Hampton Court Palace, we had free time, then we had dinner and now
we are playing student versus staff games. This games include, volleyball and basketball. Once we
are done with the games, we are going to bed.

Maria (Davy), Caroline (Woodward), Lucila (St George Quilmes), Ivanna (St George Quilmes), Thiago
(CPB), Leonardo (St Georges Lima)