Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day 4 – Our 1st On-Campus Day

Today the students had an excellent time on their first on-campus day at Wellington College! Most of the students tried two new sports, cricket and rugby, and they also practiced their acting skills in drama. After running around and acting, the students were able to enjoy the pool and cool down. After dinner, prizes were given to some of the students who put a lot of effort into learning and grasping the new sports really quickly.

The students then had a fantastic time in the 3 different workshops provided by the ISCA staff. These workshops were an introduction to Canterbury before we go there on Saturday and they got the students doing timelines, writing letters and re-enacting the death of Thomas Becket. It was a magnificent day today and we’re all looking forward to our next trip, Windsor Castle and Runnymede!