Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day 9 – London Afternoon and Wicked

We started this day with a morning on campus, where we did workshops in each house which consisted in making the students learn a little bit more about well-known musicals. They got together in small groups and were assigned a musical to perform charades, in order for the rest to try to guess which musical they were reenacting. After lunch, we set off to London, where each school had the chance to come up with a unique plan to discover London by visiting areas of interest, such as Belgravia, The Science Museum, the V&A museum, Hyde park and last but not least Harrods!

As the afternoon progressed, we went to dinner at various places before setting off for the Apollo Victoria Theatre, where we got the chance to watch Wicked! The Musical. We were all speechless by the performances and sang the songs on the bus home.