Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day Eight – The Globe Theatre and St Paul’s Cathedral

Today was our 8th day at ISCA. At a quarter to 8 o’ clock, we walked to the dining room to have breakfast, which was really good as it has been every day. ISCA’s truly got the best kitchen!

After that we were ready for our adventure. We headed in the coaches towards London, where we would go on a visit to the Globe Theatre, home of William Shakespeare’s most famous works. Last night we had a presentation on him, which excited us even more to see this place. We were able to see it from the inside: its wooden smell, its round shape, its colours…

After this interesting visit, we had a drama session where we did some warm up exercises and then interpreted an extract of Romeo and Juliet. It was really fun to see how each one of us put a different emotion when acting.

A walking distance from that place was St Paul’s Cathedral, built more than 300 years ago! We had lunch there and went on to explore what it could offer us. We found the tomb of Admiral Lord Nelson, whose figure we admire at the camp, and the Duke of Wellington, about whom we had the chance to learn.

We returned to Charterhouse and had a wonderful dinner: Mac n Cheese with Mediterranean Vegetables. After that we played some sports like hockey, football or swimming and then returned to our houses to talk about how we had such a great day at ISCA!