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Day Fourteen – London Walks and Hampton Court Palace

Today was our final trip to London and it was a good one! Taking a walking tour from parliament, to the cabinet war rooms, Downing Street, Trafalgar Square and finally Buckingham palace, the students experienced the beauty of central London at its finest! Witnessing the changing of the guards at Buckingham palace, climbing on the lions in Trafalgar Square and managing dodge hundreds of runners completing the London 10k race, it was a morning full of excitement!
After a picnic lunch in St James’ Park, we headed back to the coach to whizz to Hampton Court Palace! Experiencing life and court how Henry VIII lived it, we entered Tudor England’s finest house and discovered historical feasts, examined detailed tapestries, witnessed Henry VIII himself speaking about his wives (the actors at the palace are fantastic!) and enjoyed a quintessentially British afternoon tea! Our lovely Ian tried English Breakfast Tea for the first time…he described it as tasting like: burnt water! (Clearly not a fan).

Finally arrived home and excited for our trip Canterbury tomorrow!