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Day Ten – On-Campus Day Three and Wicked The Musical

After a fabulous day exploring Stratford-Upon-Avon and Blenheim Palace yesterday, we started the day off at Cranleigh with a bit of a lie in. In their given sports groups, the students were able to do a variety of different activities on this sunny day, including tennis, rounders, hockey and art. All the kids, and the staff, had loads of fun playing different sport games and even drawing the stunning Cranleigh campus. 

In preparation for our trip to Bath and Stonehenge this coming Friday, the students also had various workshops, in which they learned about the rich history of these places in a creative, fun way. Roman Bath games and Play-do Stonehenge statues contributed to helping the students understand the cultural and historical significance of these remarkable places. 

We ended this wonderful day by getting dressed up to go to a wicked performance of Wicked! (pun intended)!