Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day Thirteen – Our 4th On-Campus Day

A lie-in was welcomed by the students and staff this morning following the extremely long day at Stonehenge and Bath yesterday. 

A highlight of yesterday was Richard Woods, our ISCA founder, being photographed with a pair of siblings, whose father came on ISCA when it first began. What an exciting and momentous occasion for ISCA.

After a healthy and hearty breakfast, the activities began. Today they included board games, badminton, workshops on the HMS Victory Ship (in preparation for our trip to Portsmouth tomorrow) and drama. The weather was very unpredictable with both showers of rain and bright sunshine throughout the day. 

In order to get a true feel of the day, some of our ISCA students gave their feedback. “Badminton was really fun and we got to know other students,” Grecia.  Dani also spoke out, “I liked badminton best!” Claudia and Cami thought badminton was fun too. Jani appreciated the workshops saying, “Through matching questions with answers in the workshop on HMS Victory, I learnt more about England’s history.” Alyssa was so happy about new friendships quoting, “Today, I made new friends from other schools and other countries. The teachers encourage us to be the best we can be in everything. They are so lovely.” Claudia commented, “ I have enjoyed making new friends and interacting with the amazing staff. “ Amanda exclaimed,  “Workshops are fun.” 

During lunch the students were treated to a visit by an olympic medal holder, Stephen Batchelor. He not only works at Cranleigh School, our host school, but was  available to chat to the students after lunch as well as showing both his bronze and gold medals that he won whilst representing Great Britain at hockey in the 1984 and 1988 Olympics respectively. Once all the activities were over, other voluntary activities were offered. Many students were outside in the glorious sunshine playing volleyball, field hockey and football, whilst some took the opportunity to relax for a short while before dinner. What a truly wonderful day. 

This evening we finished the staff vs student cricket game with the staff eventually beating the students. The students got 99 runs while we lost count of the number of runs for the staff!