Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

ISCA 2014 Arrival Day

All the students arrived on campus safely this morning. Despite some jet-lag all the students were very excited and kept going throughout the day! After playing some sports on campus this morning (soccer and volleyball) we visited the town of Godalming, a short 25 minute river bank walk away from Charterhouse. The students had a chance to explore the town, do some shopping and grab that all important smoothie!

After walking back to the campus we had a BBQ this evening before the students (and many of the international faculty!) retired for an early night. It has been a great first day on the program and we are now ready for our visit to Winchester tomorrow morning! Most importantly all the students and faculty have arrived safely and we are all now ready for what will be a fantastic 3 weeks, and let’s hope the weather stays sunny!