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ISCA 2015 visit Winchester!

Today we visited the town of Winchester, once the capital of the Kingdom of Wessex. We visited the famous Cathedral, which is nearly 1000 years old! We also saw the remnants of the original chapel, and connected Monastery, built in 650AD. The students really enjoyed seeing the Cathedral, all accompanied by an Organ recital that was going on at the same time! They also had a chance to explore some of the quirkier aspects of the Cathedral – such as Diver Bill, who spent 6 years diving under the Cathedral (it is built on a floodplane) to secure the foundations.


We then had a chance to explore Winchester town, as well as seeing the site of the old Norman castle and the location of King Arthur’s ‘supposed’ Round Table! This was followed by a quick trip back to Charterhouse where we played Volleyball and Football, before dinner.


This evening there was the option of watching a film, playing Ultimate Frisbee, kickball or tennis – overall a very successful first proper day touring in the UK! Tomorrow we head to London for the first time! The London Eye, River Thames and Tower of London await!