Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

ISCA Arrivals Day 2017 – Charterhouse

ISCA 2017 has officially started! We continue our tradition of welcoming students from all over the world to experience a memorable three-week summer camp in England. This year we welcomed students from twelve schools in four countries to our Charterhouse campus.
To begin the day, our ISCA faculty met all of the students at the airport and shuttled them to Charterhouse in Godalming where they will be staying for the next three weeks. The students unpacked their suitcases, played sports, toured the campus, and participated in teambuilding activities. During these activities they were encouraged to engage with students that they did not know and who were from other countries and/or schools. Fortunately the weather remained beautiful throughout the entire day which facilitated a great experience!
We continued with a house meeting where we discussed ISCA rules, expectations, and plans for the next day. Students then had a wonderful dinner which they thoroughly enjoyed. After dinner, the students retreated to their houses to rest and prepare for the first excursion.
The next stop on this ISCA adventure will be Winchester!