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ISCA Olympics

After 5 amazing on-campus days, today was the final one, which could only mean the ISCA Olympics. 10 teams, 8 events, all culminating in the relay. Each event honed in the skills that the students have learnt over the past 3 weeks including bowling a cricket ball, hockey dribbling, rugby ball throwing, golf putting, football dribbling, sprinting, long jump and the obstacle course! It was a fantastic day and after all 8 events were completed and the relay was done, team France won the Olympics!

England has had unusually hot weather for the past 3 weeks and it hasn’t rained once….until today. Every ISCA student and staff member were excited to see the rain as it finally poured down with thunder and lightening, so our afternoon activities were cancelled and everyone retreated to their houses. This allowed enough time for everyone to do some final packing and to get ready for our final BBQ and dance.

The BBQ was delicious and the dancing was hilarious. Everyone had a wonderful evening to celebrate the end of ISCA. It was an emotional evening and yet we still have one day left of touring – Brighton! Fingers crossed the sun comes out tomorrow.