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ISCA Olympics

ISCA Olympics 2018, yet again will go down in history as the day where records were broken and barriers were smashed. The day where children became athletes, competing head to head representing a given country and performing at the highest of levels. Some say, Somerset isn’t a country but here at ISCA anything is possible.

The day began with the weather not looking on our side but thankfully the sun shone and the rain held off, until the last race where the ISCA Staff bought home the famous 8x100m relay race. Throughout the day groups competed at a wide range of activities from 70m sprint to hockey dribbling and long jump to name a few. Even though the sun was shining and temperatures were sawing the children still managed to do themselves proud whilst working well individually and as a team.

What’s an ISCA Olympics day though without the end of camp traditional Staff v Students Football Match. Even after a hot day of activities, the children still managed to find energy to give the Staff a really competitive match. With the game level pegging going into the final 20-minute stint, both sides new they had to up their game and perform. After the final push the staff came out on top making it 2-1 with only some aches and pains to take away with them.

We ended a brilliant day with the awards ceremony and presentation for the kids. This included the Charthouse Challenge winners / Olympians and not to forget the academic certificates which were handed out. Luke said his final few words to the children and finished of with a film from the passed three weeks, by the children’s reactions of teary eyes and smiles all round just showing how much they’ve loved it.