Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

ISCA On Campus Day One

Today was our first on campus day. Despite cloudy skies in the morning all the students enjoyted playing the various sports and doing the activities on offer today.
The day began with an introduction for all of our ISCA Staff – highlighting their sporting credentials. Did you know we had a former sweeper from the curling winter olympics, as well as a former syncronised swimmer working for ISCA?!?
The students were then split into groups of 25-30 students and did three sports/activities today. On offer was Hockey, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis, Drama and Netball – with all proving popular! The activities they were not able to do today, will be on offer on Sunday, for our next campus day.
This evening we had a wonderful presentaiton on Portsmouth and HMS Victory. Our ISCA journey continues tomorrow by visiting the Naval Dockyards in Portsmouth, as well as the warship of Lord Nelson – the HMS Victory. We will then visit the town of Arundel, and see our first traditional English castle!