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ISCA Scotland Day Eight – Camera Obscura & Edinburgh New Town

Our final day was spent exploring one of Edinburgh’s oldest tourist attractions, the Camera Obscura and World of Illusions. The students spent the morning seeing how this Victorian tourist attraction worked before spending the rest of their time laughing through the World of Illusions which included a thermal camera, a mirror maze, a vortex tunnel and much more.

We then split off into small groups so the students could decide what they wanted to do. Some went shopping in the New Town while others spent their last afternoon embracing the magic of the Old Town. We then met in St Andrew Square to practice our ice skating before heading back to the hotel to pack.

After dinner we had our final presentation evening where we reminisced on the fabulous trip we’ve had. There was lots of laughter as we watched photos of the trip and videos of people ice skating. The students then signed each other’s ISCA Scotland Explorers and went to bed.

On Saturday everyone’s flight was on time and everyone got back home safe and sound.

Thank you to all the parents, teachers and students who made this first ever Scotland trip happen. It was a fantastic trip and one we will never forget!