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ISCA Visit Harry Potter Studios and free day in London

What a spellbinding day! Our last trip to London started with a quick journey up to Watford to visit the magical Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios. The first stop of the tour was the Great Hall, the place of so many memorable scenes of the film franchise. There were so many su-petrificus totalis exhibits, and it was wanderful to see how the CGI and animatronics were made. Any muggles who didn’t believe in magic were left speechless when we saw the scale model of Hogwarts School. The kids spending in the store at the end of the tour was knuts!

Upon returning to our muggle world, we had some free time to go shopping and visit some classic shops, like Hamleys and Lilywhites, and enjoy some traditional English grub. Our fantastic day ended with a performance of War Horse at the New London Theatre. This truly spectacular show tells the story of what a boy and his horse go through during First World War. After hearing so much about British history, it was nice to be shown a personal story to make one of the most harrowing times in the recent past come to life.