Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

ISCA visit Westminster Abbey and the Science Museum

Today students went on their third day trip into London, and visited the Science Museum and Westminster Abbey. The day began with a coach trip right into the heart of London, passing the likes of Harrods, the Ritz and Stamford Bridge along the way before arriving at the fascinating Science Museum. This experience gave the students the opportunity to look at space through time, learning about how astronauts and rockets have developed into how they are today, and an intriguing interactive base educating us on the development of modern man’s mind. Additionally the museum hosts the oldest ever train! Additionally, the museum contains various interactive rides such as a red arrow simulator and a 360 degree space simulator…which needless the say the children loved!

We then headed for lunch in the London sunshine in Hyde Park before heading across the 800 year old Westminster Abbey; undoubtedly one of the most amazing spectacles London has to offer. We were guided by exceptionally knowledgeable tour guides with the children enthused by the environment they were stood within, with something new to see and learn around every corner. We saw the first ever grave of the unknown soldier, the coronation chair as well as numerous tombs of famous personnel such as Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and King Henry VII amongst countless others. We were also told a conspiracy surrounding the burial of Princess Diana…but it is something that we have been sworn to secrecy about, so that’s just for us to know now! Westminster Abbey is an incredibly famous space which has held 16 royal weddings. Most recently and famously for that of Prince William and Kate Middleton, as well as every coronation of the Head of State, bar 2, throughout history; the walls are filled with countless historical events.

The day ended with dinner before the traditional staff vs. student sports games, which began with a game of cricket. A tight game that the staff won with a six off the last ball