Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Third On-Campus Day

Today marked the halfway point of the ISCA program and no one can quite believe it. The past 10 days have gone so quickly with the students making new friendships every day!

Today was our third on-campus day with 6 new activities – hockey, rounders, Aussie rules, art, drama and squash. Everyone loved trying the new sports and are looking forward to the next on-campus day.

After sports we had workshops on HMS Victory and Lord Horatio Nelson. The students played lots of games learning all about the flagship of the British Navy which defeated the Napoleonic fleet in October 1805 and gave the British dominance of the seas for the next 100 years!

After dinner and a refuel, the staff vs student cricket match continued. It was a very tight game with the staff beating the students by one point by 82 to 81. A fantastic effort by everyone involved.

Tomorrow we’re off to the Globe Theatre for a tour and workshops with actors who actually perform at the Globe and we will visit St Paul’s Cathedral, climbing the 528 steps to the Golden Gallery!