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Our first on campus day

ISCA 2016’s first on campus day kicked off today in true ISCA fashion. The sun was beaming with a cool breeze, giving perfect conditions for our plethora of sports and activities.

Many of the activities today were completely alien to a lot of the students, some never even hearing of these peculiar sports with even stranger names. Cricket? No, not the animal! Squash? No, not how many people you can fit into a room! Fives? No, not going round giving each other high fives! You get the gist I’m sure. Part of the beauty of the on campus days are that students experience new situations whilst integrating with new people from around the world and forming friendships.

Students are split into six groups for the duration of the 3 weeks and rotate between three sports and activities per on campus day. Today, the sports and activities were as follows:

  • Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Netball
  • Cricket
  • Squash & Fives

So all students took part in three of these sports and activities today and will take part in the remaining three on the next on campus day.

From the settings of the uniquely quaint Fives courts to the big, bold yet beautiful backdrop of Charterhouse School, fun was had by all and everyone is looking forward to the next on campus day.

If you are a parent of a student at ISCA 2016 reading this, I urge you to ask your child about these obsolete activities and what they entail. Also don’t forget to check out the photos on Facebook and Instagram ( #ISCA2016 )

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