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Portsmouth & Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle

Today we visited Arundel Castle, built by William the conquerer in order to protect the area from a French invasion and to guard the mouth of the river Arun. We learned that the castle was damaged during the English civil war of 1642-45. Cricket has been played in the castle rounds since 1895. Improvements in the centre were made in the 18th century. It has events all year, including jousting shows, living history days and classic car shows. Today we visited and walked around the castle and it’s beautiful enormous gardens.

  • Delfina, Diego, Matias, Nikolai, and Celeste


Today we went to the ship “victory”. We saw cannons, sleeping cots, captain’s quarters, beer, and many materials needed to sail the seas. The ceilings were VERY low (maximum of 5 feet)! There were lots of steep and narrow steps and a gift shop! Several of our peers bought souvenirs such as ships and t-shirts to commemorate the trip. The best part was trying to avoid hitting our heads on the ceiling and walking through the whole ship because it gave us a great sense of how the living conditions of the ship affected the lives of the crew members.

  • Caroline, Eleanor, Nicholas, Facundo, Gonzalo