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Tower of London & London Eye

Today we went to London. We went to the Tower of London. In the Tower of London we saw the Crown Jewels, the torture chamber, the bloody tower and the white tower. We also saw where all the people were executed in the Tower of London, including Anne Boleyn. There were lots of guards. There were 6 ravens that live in the Tower and had their wings so they can’t fly away. We had lots of ice cream.


We then went on a boat trip on the Thames for 30 minutes, and we saw the Shard, the Millenium Bridge from Harry Potter, the Blackfriars Bridge and the Globe. We also saw the Ladies Bridge, which was built by the ladies in World War Two.


We got off the boat at the London Eye. We had to run into pods on the Eye. There are 32 pods but the numbers go from 1-33 because they don’t have a number 13 pod because of superstitious people. The view was really pretty. From the London Eye we could see all over London. We saw lots of interesting buildings, especially Stanford Bridge, the Chelsea Stadium. We saw lots of cranes and construction, and we got to see the clock face on Big Ben, which we couldn’t see the other day when we went to Parliament.