Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

A Blockbuster Day On-Campus

We awoke to a fresh morning, with a tremendous selection of sports on offer and the highly
anticipated first dance in wait. Excitement levels were tangibly bubbling over breakfast.
The morning session offered hockey, foot golf, capture the flag, squash and dance. A free choice to
get the students mixing and partaking in new sports. Our 40+ person game of capture the flag set a
new ISCA record and was an international cauldron of tactics, team work and athletic ability.
The Charterhouse Challenge was to follow. Unlike no other, this team based scavenger hunt and
drama was fiercely competed. The Shakespeare and actor was brought out in all of us, as teams
created their own skits based upon the words that they had previously collected in the hunt.
And all of that action only took us to 4pm.

In preparation for tomorrow’s trip, brilliant workshops on Bath and Stonehenge were held. We then
freshened up, dressed in our finest attire, enjoyed a BBQ in scholars court and danced the evening
away to our favourite Spanish and English hits in the Hall.

A smashing day on campus as the reach the mid-point of our program. The students have worked
brilliantly in their teams and are really beginning to express themselves. We’re all set for an exciting
10 more days here at Charterhouse.