Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day 11 – Roman Baths and Stonehenge

Today we went to the Roman Baths, which was a very long drive but 100% worth it. You are given a
headset to listen to which guides you through the temple, giving you fun facts, and information on
the beautiful historic sites. They even have famous writers give descriptions on the temple to
describe what it was like back when it was created. They were very natural baths and kept
everything as it was. At first you are guided through the entrance where the commoners would
come in to view and enjoy the baths. There are three types of baths, Frigidarium, Tempidarium, and
Calidarium. We viewed the Tempidarium bath which was stunning. While the floor was uneven and
slippery the bath was incredible.

We also got to shop on Pulteney Bridge, which was very fun. There are little venders and street
performers all around for your viewing enjoyment. There was a Lush, H&M, Urban Outfiters,
Starbucks and of course many gift shops.

Faith (HRA), Bruna (OLM), Priscila (SGQ), Andres (CPB), Gonzalo (SGQ), Luciana (CPB)

Today we went to Stonehenge after Bath, it was an hour and a half trip. We walked around
Stonehenge in tour of 30 minutes. The Stonehenge it’s a place surrounded by grass, people have
many theories about how Stonehenge was created. They provided us audio tour guides, we learned
that this place that has two types of stones, the bluestones that weight 3 tons approx. and the
Sarsanstones that weight 30 tons approx. The view of it all was amazing, this experience let us
understand that the Stonehenge is a unique historical temple. the stone was lined up with the sun.
The bluestones came from Wales.

Sofia (CPB), Andre (HB), Kate (Davy), Valeria (CPB), Benjamin (HRA), Luca (SGQ)