Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Arrivals Day 2018

ISCA 2018 begins! Today we welcomed 156 students and their teachers to the ISCA 2018 Wellington Campus. There were lots of excited faces as the students first entered their home for the next 3 weeks. Once they had settled in, we had lunch and explored the campus. We saw the main school, which was first opened by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1859, the beautiful chapel, gardens, theatre, and sports areas. We then played football (or soccer), volleyball and frisbee before taking part in a number of teambuilding activities. Even though there were a lot of tired faces from all their travelling, everyone had a lot of fun! For dinner we had a typically English BBQ and then went straight to bed!

Tomorrow we’re off to Oxford for our first day off campus where we will visit some of the University of Oxford colleges, museums and parks. It will be a fantastic day to start off our touring!