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Day 2 – Oxford

Today we arrived to oxford at 12 and it was very a sunny day but also sometimes the temperature change. We went to Bodleian Library that it contains 12 million books, it has more than 120 miles of bookshelves, they received 3 miles of books every year. We saw different old buildings like colleges, theatres, sculptures and museums and all of them were made out of stone. The most fun part of the trip was the boat ride because we saw a lot of ducks and we got the opportunity to paddle. We all arrived back at Wellington at 6:00pm after a woderful, if a little tiring, day.

  • Andrés (Newton), Lucien (Durham Academy), Micaela (Newton), Edward (Lincoln), Luca (St. Andrew’s Scots), Ainhoa (Newton), Francesca (St. Matthew’s)

Today, some of us went to a theatre and library at St Johns. We were able to take a tour around the campus. People went to the Sheldonian Theatre and Bodleian Library. By other side, a few groups enter to the Oxford Campus. The area was surrounded with deers and a big variety of vegetation (especially white flowers). After that, some groups went to the Radcliffe Camera and The Covered Market. Finally, in the Natural Museum of History, where we observed fluorescent minerals, extinct dodos, mammals similar and bigger to elephant kind and more.  

  • Amanda (Newton), Adrian (Newton), Santino (St. Andrew’s Scots), Greta (Ravenscroft), Ryan (Charlotte Latin), Manuel (St. Matthew’s), Valentina (Casuarinas)