Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day 10 – on-campus day

Today we had another on campus day. The students played Hockey, Volleyball, Rugby and did Art and Yoga. They really enjoyed themselves.

The evening entailed a BBQ for dinner with burgers, chicken, salad and cream and berries for desert. After a lovely dinner outside in the garden, we headed in for the ‘ISCO’. Everyone had a blast and iconic song after iconic song came on. Everyone was dancing and having a good time. The highlight of the evening had to be the ISCA Staff dancing at the centre of the stage. I’m sure that moment will never be forgotten with the amount of people that recorded it.

The evening slowly came to an end and everyone went back to their dorms thirsty and tired, and ready to get some sleep for tomorrow in London. Best night so far so on the Cranleigh campus, looking forward to part 2 of the dance on the last day of ISCA!