Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day 9 – London Free Day

Having so far experienced some of the UKs most historic sites, our ‘London Free Day’ allowed us the opportunity to let our interest and imagination spiral; exploring some of the greatest sites of the worlds most diverse city independently. The coaches dropped us at the wonderful Hyde Park or iconic Piccadilly where the famous lights and central meeting did not disappoint.

It was then off to SOHO to absorb some of London’s social culture and get a taste of this wonderful cities make up and street art – some of us were even hoping to see a Banksy piece of artwork! A quick walk down Piccadilly and past the world famous Ritz and the Battle of Britain memorial led us to Hyde Park and a wonderful boating adventure on the serpentine.

This incredible day left us filled with an immense understanding and appreciation for British Culture and Society as a multicultural and inclusive one. It was amazing to see how London’s past, movements and protests of the past have now made such a positive city.

London was amazing. We can’t wait to be there again!