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Day 14 – London Walks and Hampton Court – Charterhouse

Today was the day for our London Walk tour and our visit to Hampton Court Palace!  Luckily the weather was on our side today and although a bit chilly, the sun was still out for most of the day.  Today saw the campers enjoy a few hours in London before heading to Hampton Court Palace in the afternoon. Whilst in London, groups were able to enjoy popular sites including Trafalgar Square, which is where Nelson’s Column can be found, Buckingham Palace, where some of the students were lucky enough to see the changing of the guards, and 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s office.  Because it is Sunday, the Mall was pedestrianised so we were able to directly walk up the Mall towards Buckingham Palace – very exciting!  We were also able to appreciate the outstanding views in St. James Park and also take a few pictures.

Upon our arrival at Hampton Court Palace, we had our lunch and then a few groups took on the challenge of the Palace Maze before exploring the home and grounds where Henry VIII resided. Students got an opportunity to explore the Haunted Gallery where many people believe the ghost of Catherine Howard still exists, as well as the stunning Royal Gardens.  These gardens were very picturesque and provided amazing backdrops to the pictures taken by the students.

After returning to campus, the campers were treated to a new seating arrangement which encouraged everyone to sit with new friends while working collaboratively on brain teasers.  This new protocol was enjoyed by all.

After dinner we enjoyed our first faculty/student football game!  Both teams played hard and an enjoyable time was had by all!  Next stop is Canterbury!