Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day 15 – Canterbury – Charterhouse

Today saw the ISCA bunch head to Canterbury to visit the Cathedral, take a boat trip and enjoy exploring the British cobbled streets and quaint shops. Unfortunately it was a rainy start to the day but spirits were up! We walked to the Old Buttermarket which would be the meeting point for the day. Schools were split into five groups and everyone was given the opportunity to spend time with someone new who they may not have met before.

Everyone went on a river boat trip down the narrow river running through the centre of the city. Old wooden rowing boats took us along beautiful clear water and under one of the oldest working bridges in the UK. We also observed the old buildings, local artwork, and we saw the witch seat, where people in the Middle Ages were dunked if they were believed to be a witch! If they died then they would apologise to the family as they obviously were not a witch, however if they survived then they were believed to in fact be a witch so they were burnt alive! Luckily this has not been in practice for hundreds of years. Another beautiful sight was the Cathedral itself; the groups went and visited the grave of Thomas Becket and were able to admire the beautiful stained glass windows and intricate architecture.

Finally who could forget everyone’s favourite thing to do… SHOPPING! Canterbury is full of lots of quirky shops selling everything from pottery to old British sweets. Even though the weather wasn’t initially on our side, it was apparent that everyone had a brilliant time!

Tomorrow will be our next on-campus sports day!