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Day 16 – On-campus Sports Day – Charterhouse

The sun was out and spirits were high today!  All of the students enjoyed another on-campus sports day full of new games and lots of laughter!  Some of the sports featured this morning included rounders, Aussie Rules, and field hockey. Whether or not each student was a seasoned professional or a total newcomer, good times and laughter were had by all.

For dinner this evening both staff and student alike enjoyed a new tradition we have started on campus.  When each hungry individual entered the dining hall, they chose a number out of a bucket.  The number determined where they dined for the evening, and it was totally random!  It is safe to say that everyone enjoyed a bit of a change up and were able to meet some awesome people and enjoy a wonderful meal together.

After dinner, it was back into the theatre for another sporting event.  However, this was of the intellectual variety!  A few of our amazing staff developed a trivia bowl competition pitting two random teams against each other.  Both teams did phenomenal work!  Everyone was absolutely amazed by the amount of information that the students have retained over their time in England thus far.

Overall, today was a sunny and successful day! It is hard to believe that we have only five short days left together.

Tomorrow we venture out to Blenheim Palace and Oxford!