Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day 17 – Brighton

Our day at Brighton was amazing! We started the day by walking through the Royal Pavilion where we took lot’s of pictures. Later, we went to the Brighton Palace Pier, where we had some free time and there were lot’s of rollercoasters, amusements and arcade games. It was so much fun!! After some time there, we went to do some shopping in the Wagner Hall mall. As the morning progressed we got hungry so we decided to have lunch and we had fish & chips!!! A national meal here in England. Everyone then headed to the beach, some people put on their bathing suits and had fun in the sea, while others just dipped their foots or just sat in the sand and enjoyed. After an incredible day, we went to the coaches and had dinner at campus when we arrived. For evening activities there was a football match between ISCA Staff members and students! We had a blast!!