Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day 18 – Oxford

Today we went to visit the city of Oxford! Firstly, we walked through most of the buildings that make up the University of Oxford and we got into one of them called New College! It was very fun and interesting, we got to see the exact location where a scene from one of the movies of the Harry Potter saga was filmed, we were all very excited and took lot’s of pictures. Later, we went to the Bodleian library which was huge, it contains over 12 million books!!! After that, we saw the Radcliffe Camera and learnt that it’s architecture style is baroque. When we finished our walking tour we had some free time which we enjoyed a lot, we went to the Westgate Shopping Centre and did some shopping over there. We also got some Oxford hoodies as a souvenir so we can always remember this amazing day.