Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day 17 – Oxford

Once upon a time in a remote place in England, students from all around the world started off
the day with an early breakfast of tea and pancakes. We soon headed onto an exciting journey to
Oxford University, a breath-taking college which was founded in 1096. As excited as we were to go
shopping, we started off with a fact-filled tour of the university (and our possible future) and all its
connections around the city. We began our tour by walking in the steps of our Idols such as Albert
Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and Bill Clinton, who actually did not graduate which astonished us
greatly. Some fun facts we learned are the following:

– Alice from Alice in Wonderland followed by Lord of the rings, Narnia and Hobbit were all in
fact written by Lewis Carroll, an Oxford graduate.
– 50 Nobel Prize winners, 27 Prime Ministers and 120 Olympic medallists graduated from
– There are 38 total colleges in Oxford.

We then continued to visit Magdalen, Merton, St. John, and New College, where a scene from
Harry Potter happened to be filmed and also later inspired them to do the setup of the Dining Hall in
the Harry Potter film. Afterwards, we continued the tour to the school’s enormous library and
Radcliffe Camera, which we found interesting because they happened to be made of lead and
limestone. Which happened to stand next to a close copy of sigh bridge in Venice. Finally, after a
long journey through the streets of Oxford, we spent all of the rest of our money while shopping and
lived happily ever after for ever and ever.


Shakespearian mentions:
– Isabella T. (Austin Prep)
– Pablo M. (SGL)
– Naomi O. (CPB)
– Gonzalo Z. (SGQ)
– Camila S. (Hiram Bingham)
– Kyle R. (HRA)
– Daniel M. (SGL)
– Maria Antonia M. (OLM)
– Micaela P. (CPB)
– Juan B. (SGQ)
– Nate B. (Austin Prep)
– Molly L. (SGQ)
– Avery U. (Woodward)