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Fifth On-Campus Day

Another stunning day here at Charterhouse, the sky held a soft blue and the sun was beating down. The campus- a splendid mixture of lush green lawns and bright flowers.

Once again some fantastic activities were on offer, some more familiar than others.

Hockey saw an opportunity to express flair with the their dribbling and shooting skills. The students finished with a competitive game full of passion. The next activity was tennis. Some of the performances wouldn’t have been out of place at Wimbledon, the only thing missing was the strawberries and cream! Ultimate frisbee and volleyball were also on offer and provided a chance to wind down in the hot afternoon.

The final activity was something brand new to everyone- Aussie Rules. Traditionally a game played on a cricket oval, with physicality and a fierce pace. The students loved learning the fundamentals of the sport and getting to grips with the rules.

The day finished with staff vs student cricket match. Students opened the batting and the efforts resulted with a score of 127-20; an extremely large batting order set a high score to aim for! However, the staff mustered their courage and surpassed the 127 runs within 10 overs.

A wonderful day. Oxford awaits tomorrow.