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Day 3 – London Eye, Boat Trip, and Tower of London

This morning we went to the Tower of London which was really interesting. From this experience, we learned a lot about England and its history.

Hundreds of years ago, King Richard IV, who lived in the tower, died and left his throne to his two sons Prince Richard V and Prince Edward. After their father’s death the two boys were often seen wandering the towers. Sadly, one day they disappeared and were never seen again. It is believed that their uncle was responsible for their death in order to take over the throne. Another interesting fact is that 7 ravens are kept there at all times because it is believed that if they leave, the city of London will fall.  We also saw the Crown Jewels which were made for the royal family for diplomatic events. All together the 23,500 jewels cost 400 million pounds. The Tower of London also had other uses to defend the country, such as the storage of artillery in the White Tower or torturing in the Bloody Tower.

Francesca (Woodward Academy), Beatriz (Our Lady of Mercy), Andrew (HRA), Anna (Davy College), Maria (St George’s Quilmes), Antonio (Our Lady of Mercy), Antero (CPB)

On the boat trip, through the Thames River, there was a tourist guy who gave us knowledge about
different bridges and buildings that we saw along the ride. The information we got from the tourist
guy helped us know about the history of these constructions which then can later on help us
understand the whole history of London and how relevant these constructions are to history. For
example, some of the bridges were built during world war 2 and still have bullet holes which can
help us know about the participation that England got during the war.

After the boat trip we went to the London eye. The London eye is located next to the Thames river. It’s a big Ferris wheel thatnever stops, has 32 pods which are numbered from 1 to 33, as there is no number thirteen because
it gives bad luck. Each ride takes 30 minutes. Once we got one we could see the whole city, when
being at the top we were able to look at some iconic buildings of London like big ben and
Buckingham palace. It was really nice looking at these buildings because it shows the main
attractions of London and how beautiful it looks from above.

Morena (St. George’s Quilmes), Vincenzo (Hiram Bingham), Sarah Beth (WoodWard), Erika
(Colegio Peruano Britanico), Favianna (Davy College), Agustin (St. George’s Quilmes) Jose
(Colegio Peruano Britanico)