Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day 2 – Winchester

This morning we woke up early and took a coach to the town of
Winchester. However, before we left, we attended a lecture explaining the
significance of the town. Winchester has a rich history as well as some
beautiful architecture. We had the privilege to explore the beautiful streets
and even the Winchester Cathedral!

We can find a lot of history behind Winchester. For example the amazing story
of King Arthur, and the thrilling story of William Walker, “The Diver Bill”. We all
know about the sword and the stone, but do we all know King Arthur’s round
table legend? The round table was thought to be from King Arthur’s time, but
now historians found that the table may not even be from King Arthur’s time,
and to prove this we went to Winchester and heard the story in great detail by
the local people, and we saw the table with our own eyes.

William Walker, the diver bill, was the man who saved the Cathedral by diving
into the mud and by himself he brought bags of cement to fix the foundations,
because the Cathedral was about to fall down and collapse, he needed to be
very strong and very brave to do what he did, without him the Cathedral would
not be with us today.

After some minutes of walking through the main street full of stores, we finally
got to the cathedral, an amazing building, built in 1093. This was built by
William of Wykeham. After William the conqueror invaded England in 1066.
After the construction was finished, this was a very important place, where
now we can see things like the Winchester bible, there was a replica of the
tomb of Saint Swithun and the crypt including a sculpture called sound II. Most
of the parts of the building were very well decorated. An incredible experience
lived in ISCA.

One of the main activities we did today was shopping. After lunch they
gave us free time from 2:15 to 3:15 to shop in the Main Street. We were able
to buy different things like food, clothes, souvenirs and many others. It was a
really beautiful and colourful place, we also noticed it was a peaceful and
British environment. The streets were filled with flowers and trees.

All in all, we had a great time learning about and exploring Winchester.
After we went shopping, we took the coaches back to campus, all exhausted
from our busy day. We would love to come back some day! We finished the
day with a fun barbecue and watched the big soccer game. Then we turned in
for the night, preparing for our next adventure tomorrow.

Written by
Marin (Woodward Academy)
Júlia (Our Lady of Mercy School)
Victória (Our Lady of Mercy School)
Milagros (St George’s Quilmes)
Juana (St George’s Quilmes)
Abril (St George’s Quilmes)
Mariano (CPB)
Santiago (St Georges Lima)
Simón (StGeorges Quilmes)
Raúl (CPB)
Augusto (CPB)
Brian (Austin Prep)

(Note: Last six photos provided by students)