Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day 4 – On Campus Sports Day – Charterhouse

Today was a fantastic day here at the Charterhouse campus as we had our very first on campus day! Students were placed into “sports groups” allowing them to mix and mingle with other students from different schools and countries. Within their sports groups, students rotated through three different activities. There was an opportunity to play a few classic British sports such as Squash, Fives, Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, Netball, and there was even drama lessons (improv). In true British fashion, the morning session was cool and cloudy but as the day continued the English sun graced us with its presence.

After refuelling from the days activities with some delicious dinner, the students enjoyed the newest addition to the ISCA experience – ISCA staff led interactive workshops. Students were once again split into their sports groups and enjoyed a workshop prepared by an ISCA staff member on the HMS Victory and Portsmouth. The innovative workshops provided an enriching experience that proved to be both fun and educational!Overall, today was a great start to the on campus portion of our program. The students are eager to fully immerse themselves in the British culture and truly displayed that throughout the day.
Next up…. Tomorrow we adventure to Portsmouth to visit the HMS Victory, and Arundel to tour the Arundel Castle!