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Day 5 – HMS Victory and Arundel Castle – Charterhouse

Today the students went to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard to tour the HMS Victory, took a harbour tour, and then explored the grounds of Arundel Castle.

We began the day by taking a scenic coach ride down the coast to Portsmouth. The weather was gorgeous, and the vistas of the English countryside were beautiful. Portsmouth is home of two-thirds of all of the British Navy, so when we reached the dockyards, ships were everywhere! When the students disembarked, we entered the gates and headed for the HMS Victory, arguably the most famous warship in British history. Admiral Nelson, aboard the Victory, defeated the French and Spanish Armada at the Battle of Trafalgar, essentially ending any hopes of Napoleon invading England. The ship was so impressive! And, it is still the flagship of the British Navy even though it sits in dry dock. We found out that 821 men operated the ship and that they had enough food and supplies to stay at sea for a year! Also, we visited the Orlop Deck, which is the place where the sailors went when they were injured. We found out that the doctors would cut off their limbs with saws and no anesthetic at times, and then sear the wound with a hot iron! Gross! The kids really enjoyed the tour, and it was a wonderful morning.

Next, we were off to Arundel Castle, the home of the Duke of Norfolk, who is the Earl Marshal for England. Basically, he is in charge of all state ceremonial state occasions, like coronations and state funerals. Unlike most of the castles we visits, the Duke of Norfolk and his family still live there! Talking about a nice home! The kids had a lovely time walking around the grounds of Arundel Castle. They explored the Keep and the gardens while also seeing the Castle Rooms and the Fitzalan Chapel. The kids especially loved the weapons room and the great hall. They also commented on all of the Van Dyke portraits hanging all around the castle. The artwork was amazing! After we finished touring the castle, the kids grabbed ice cream from the cafe, and we loaded the busses and headed back to Charterhouse. What a day!!!Next stop on the ISCA train… Parliament and Covent Garden!