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Day 6 – Houses of Parliament

Today we woke up at 8:30 in the morning and had breakfast at 9:00. We did sports- football,
volleyball, squash, and ultimate Frisbee. Then we showered and went in to the coaches, heading to
the Parliament.

We were split into separate tour groups and learned different things about the history of the
Parliament, which we were taught is really called the Palace of Westminster, having begun to be
named the Houses of Parliament when the House of Commons began to meet there. There, we saw
many paintings and frescos depicting historic battles and events, some of which we recognized from
previous days; such as the Battle of Trafalgar, led and won by Lord Horacious Nelson in the HMS
Victory, a ship we visited the day before. We visited the House of Lords and the House of Commons.
We learned that the House of Lords was red to represent the blood of soldiers in battles, and the
House of Commons green to represent the wealth of the bourgeoisie. Our tour guides told us how
the Queen enters the Houses of Parliament, going through the Sovereign Entrance and into the
Robing Room, which we learned had been equipped with a ‘secret’ bathroom.
In the 5 th of November, 1605, Guy Fawkes was found in the Parliament’s cellar with 36 barrels of
gunpowder in a failed attempt to blow it up. Now, every 5 th of November, families celebrate his
failure by lighting thousands of fireworks.

Lucas (SGQ), Albertina (SGQ), Bryce (Woodward) Valentin (sgl) Fabiana (CPB), Xiomara (DC),
Elizabeth(SGQ), Daniela (CPB), Sophia (Austin Prep), Emily (HRA), Michelle (Hiram Bingham) Gustavo