Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day Six – London Walks & Hampton Court Palace

Hi blog! Today we are going to tell you what we did during our 6th day on the ISCA trip 2022. It was the first time we went to the city of London and we visited different places around there. We went to the Houses of Parliament and near there we also saw the place where Churchill hid when the Second World War was happening. Later we saw Big Ben and passed through No.10 Downing Street.

Then, we went to Buckingham Palace where Queen Elizabeth II lives, but she wasn’t there, but we saw the Beefeaters marching and playing a lot of nice music.¬†After that, we had lunch in St James’s Park.

In the afternoon, we went to Hampton Court Palace which is the palace where King Henry VIII lived and we saw lots of things there such as their kitchens, rooms and amazing gardens. After visiting the palace, some of us had the Great ISCA Bake Off Afternoon Tea where we tried some cakes and enjoyed the sunny day.

Moreover, we had some ice cream there and relaxed under the sun in the beautiful gardens at the Palace. There was also a maze where we had so much fun and got a little bit lost, but we made it through.

Then we came back to Charterhouse and played some activities such as hockey, football, volleyball and squash and had our usual house meeting at 9:30pm. Then we showered and talked about the incredible day we had before going to bed.

Cata, Emma and Vicky