Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day Five – Bath and Stonehenge

Today was our 5th day at the ISCA camp, and it was full of history, and interesting sites.

We started the day at 6:30am, ate a breakfast full of protein at 7:00am, and started our journey right after. The first place we visited was Bath, where the Roman Baths are found. We went inside, and got to explore how it got there and what it was for. With help from the audio-guides provided, we got so much detailed information about everything we could see and therefore we got a better understanding of everything displayed.

After an in-depth tour, we had a 2 hours of free time in Bath where everyone was able to walk around the town and go shopping for that time.

We got together at 2:30pm and got back in the coaches where we started to head towards Stonehenge. Here we not only got to have a look of these mysterious rocks, but we also got to have a full 360 degree look at it from every angle. With the help of the workshops that we had done yesterday, we had already previous information about the place, while also each getting a chance to give our hypothesis of how they were transported and placed the way they are now. Everyone took pictures, and enjoyed the view, and later we met up to return to Charterhouse.

When we got back we had dinner, and played some sports in the evening like routine. At 10:30 pm it was lights out, and everyone fell asleep to prepare for our first London day that awaits tomorrow.