Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day 8 – Stratford-upon-Avon

Today we woke up very early to go to the tiny town called Stratford upon Avon. It was a
two-hour bus drive. When we got there we broke into 4 groups to explore the town.

During our tour of the town we visited the New Place, King Edward VI Grammar School, and
the Holy Trinity Church. The New Place was Shakespeare’s final home, and only parts of the house’s
garden remain. King Edward VI Grammar School was the school Shakespeare most likely attended.

The Holy Trinity Church is where he is buried amongst his family. We each donated 2
pounds to see his grave and support the church. There was a scandal about how part of
Shakespeare’s buried body isn’t actually his. It is believed that someone has replaced his head to a
female one.

Another place we visited was the birthplace of William Shakespeare where we saw actors
performing his plays there. In Shakespeare’s home, there was a featured window, which was the
one in his birth room. On it, many known authors, such as Henry Irving, signed their names on that
same window.

We also toured the Royal Shakespeare Company(RSC) where we toured the whole facility,
including the backstage. We learned that the theatres were built to imitate those from
Shakespearean times. We also learned about the new special affects including fake blood and wig
making and costumes.

Paula (OLM), Keira (Austin Prep), Tomas (SGQ), Katherine (Davy), Valentino (Woodward), Catarina
(OLM), Athina (Hiram Bingham), Aarman (HRA), Martin (SGQ), Nicolas (OLM), Nora (Austin Prep),
Samantha (CPB).