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Day Nine – Warner Bros Studios

After a lie in this morning, the students were treated to a full brunch at 10 o’clock to kick start the fun-packed day ahead. The hour long coach ride to the Harry Potter studios was far from ‘dumbleboring’ as we ‘pottered’ along the motorway being entertained by quizzes and the like! The studios were phenomenal and had interactive attractions and many different photo opportunities for students along the way. Students were very engaged and were clearly incredibly interested in the making of the films, just as much as they were the props.
Then came the gift shop… a truly ‘magical’ place! Students are now wearing their chosen house’s attire with pride. A quick hop back to school from platform 9 and 3/4 to the dining hall (which is admittedly very Harry Potter- like!) followed.
Then the fiercest battle since Harry and Voldemort took place. The staff-student cricket match. Standout fielding from Will and batting from Dan ensured that victory for the teachers was sealed.
After a long day it’s fair to say the students will have their lights sWITCHED off early! Looking forward to our campus day ahead!!