Independent Schools Cultural Alliance - ISCA – Summer Programs in the UK

Day Ten – Campus Day

Following a momentous staff-student cricket match yesterday evening, we started the day off at Charterhouse with free-choice activities: dance, capture the flag, art and the like. Each of the students were able to choose their favourite activity and have some time to refine their skills.
We then embarked on the 2019 ‘Charterhouse Challenge’, in which the students completed a number of fun tasks as a group, including asking staff for various resources, orienteering and using clues to devise a drama. Each group performed a wonderful piece, most of them causing hilarity all round.
In preparation for our visit to Bath and Stonehenge tomorrow, we held several workshops where the students immersed themselves in the rich history of the city and participated in activities which are designed to help them to appreciate its cultural significance.
We finished the day with a BBQ on the sports field followed by a disco, where fun was had by all!